The Tradie Marketing Method

In the last 2.5 years of Custom Build Marketing, we’ve seen that it’s a solid marketing strategy that really pushes a business forward. It doesn’t happen by accident. 

We’ve formulated the Tradie Marketing Method.

In a nutshell this includes

1 – An awesome website 

2 – Listings on Google My Business and online directories

3 – A social media presence

4 – Google Ads for those looking for your services, in your area, right now

5 – Facebook Ads to remind those website visitors that you’re the best business for the job, and how to contact you.

6 – An offline marketing strategy

7 – Your sales system. 

We break this down a bit more in the 10 tips for tradie marketing – if you subscribe to our newsletter HERE you’ll get this sent directly to your inbox.  

It’s a lot to implement, and be costly to do all at once through an agency. So we created the Marketing Mentor Program. This is our signature program for home builders and tradies that don’t want to, or don’t have the budget to outsource their marketing. 

Custom Build Marketing are a full-service agency, but we wanted to be able to help more tradies build their business, on their own terms. 

We created this program to give you access to our professional marketing team, without hefty consulting fees. Myself and our awesome team are making ourselves available on live video calls every week to answer your questions, help you with your strategy and check out the back end of your ad campaigns to help you get them on track. 

So that we’re all on the same page, you’ll also have access to heaps of training videos, cheat sheets and step by step guide in every area of marketing you can think of. 

That way you can learn all you need, from the pros in construction, home builder and trade marketing – and then get the live 1:1 support you need to take action and implement. 

We all know it’s not what you know, but what you do with what you know that’s actually going to make any change in your business. 

If you want a predictable, scalable way to bring more revenue into your business –

If you want to control the ‘lead tap’ and automate the flow of enquiries you get – 

If you want to put your hands on the wheel and stop leaving the health and growth of your business to other people, you need the marketing mentor program. 

No more randomly social media posts, no more Google ad campaigns that drain your budget, no more not knowing how you’re going to feed the hungry cash monster that is your business. 

Get professional support to create a solid, proven marketing and sales system and transform your business. 

You started your business for the time and money freedom you thought it would give you. It;s time to set the foundation and build your business into all your know it can be. 

We’d love to help you. If this sounds good and you’d like our pro-marketing team working alongside you to build your business – for a fraction of what it would cost you for consulting – enquire below and we’ll be in touch really soon. 

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